Wood Farm Primary School

Y6 Red Kites Class 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Miss Fellows (soon to be Mrs Ayris), if you were in Mr Payne’s class last year then you’ll be joining me as a Red Kite in Year 6!  

Here's a photo of me, with Mrs McNeill and Mrs Brady. I’ve been teaching in Year 6 for many years now and it’s definitely the best year of primary school. We have lots of important responsibilities, really exciting learning and there are always a few surprises along the way! I can’t wait to have you all in my class.  

As you found out on transfer morning, I am a big sports fan. I follow lots of different sports, but football is my favourite. I support Arsenal and try to watch them play live a few times a season. I also really enjoy watching Oxford United play.  

One of my favourite things to do to relax is going to the cinema. I really enjoy lots of different types of films, but particularly like comedies and action. My favourite film is Jurassic Park, but I’m also a big fan of the Marvel films.  

My favourite subject to teach is maths. I’ve heard from Mr Payne that you are all amazing maths learners. When I was at school, I found maths quite challenging and was always very nervous in my lessons. I had some great teachers who helped me to feel more confident and I love helping children to become outstanding mathematicians!  

Next year you’ll be a Red Kite, did you know Red Kites are really impressive animals?   

  • Red Kites always show great perseverance, they never give up even when things get challenging. You might have seen them flying over the field at school – sometimes they fly for a really long time without giving up on their goal. 
  • Red Kites can always be spotted because they stand out from the crowd. From the way they look, including their distinctive tail shape, to their behaviour you can always spot a Red Kites as they are different to other birds.
  • Red Kites look out for each other. They work together to support everyone, especially the chicks, they teach each other tricks for survival.
  • Red Kites work hard to reach their goals. When they see something they want a Red Kite will work quickly and intelligently to achieve their goal.  

I think you all have what it takes to be outstanding Red Kites!