Wood Farm Primary School

Year 6 Kingfishers Class 2022

Hello everyone, my name is Miss Morris (soon to be Mrs Lydiat), and if you were in Mr Stanton's class last year you’ll be joining me in the Year 6 Kingfisher Class in September! I’m really looking forward to spending a year with you all and getting to know lots about you – here are a few facts about me:

As lots of you found out on transfer morning, I LOVE animals! I have 8 pets - 7 tortoises and a cheeky cat called Smudge who likes to bring back other people's rubbish! 

I really love reading - one of my favourite authors is Katherine Rundell and I also really enjoy writing stories, especially when I do this with my class as they always end up being so imaginative and funny. It is like creating a whole other world. 

I have just had a very smiley little girl called Millie who is now busy learning how to roll. This is super exciting, but not so much when it is 4 in the morning. Zzz. 

I love the sunny weather in the summer but one of my favourite times of the year is Christmas. I love all the decorations, the sparkly lights and spending lots of time with family and friends.  

So Kingfishers, you are going to be the top of the school and this means you will get lots more responsibility. Don't worry if you are feeling a bit nervous (this is my first time in year 6 too). We are going to have such a brilliant year, full of lots of exciting learning and plenty of giggles.  I already know from Mr Stanton what fantastic learners you are and I am ready to be wowed by you all.

As you know, our class mascot is the Kingfisher – here are some things that Kingfishers do that we can be great at too:

They work together to create things.

They work hard. 

They stand out.

 Can you discover some more Kingfisher facts? Remember you can drop me an email at our class address kingfishers@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk See you in September!