Wood Farm Primary School

Year 5 Woodpeckers Class 2023

Hello everyone! If you were in Miss Werrell’s class last year, then I am happy to inform you that you will be joining me, Mr. Schjelde (pronounced ‘Shell-da’), in year 5. You can proudly say that you will be a Woodpecker after the summer!

You might have seen me walking around the school just before the summer holiday. I was working with Mr. Stanton, getting to know the Wood Farm way and it quickly became clear that Wood Farm Primary was the school I wanted to work at.

Who are you, Mr. Schjelde?

I am quite new to Oxford, having only moved here in August 2022. Before that, I was teaching English, maths and science in Vietnam to primary school children. Whether they had just started primary school or were in their last year, the students and I had so much fun exploring and experimenting with the English language together. I hope you will share this excitement with me this coming year as well.

I also love being active. I practise Brazilian Jiu Jitsu several times a week and love being outside, going for walks and enjoying nature. Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to Shotover Park and do some exploring together one day? I therefore love PE and science, especially when it’s done outside!

 What about books? Well, one of my favourite authors is the late Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. You might know her from Pippi Longstocking, but some of her other books are Ronja the Robber’s Daughter and The Brothers Lionheart. These books were read to me when I was your age and I still very much enjoy them to this day. In fact, tell me any good story and I am all ears!

As you know, our class mascot is the Woodpecker - here are some things Woodpeckers are known for and that we will work to become as well:

  • They work incredibly hard and overcome challenges together.
  • They are committed and loyal; to family, friends and themselves.
  • They communicate through their drumming. Each woodpecker’s drum is unique and is worth listening to. Just like our voices!

Can you find any other information about the Woodpecker over the summer? Or perhaps you have made a beautiful drawing of a Woodpecker that you would like to decorate the class with. It would be great if you could bring it to school in September, but you are also more than welcome to email me at woodpeckers@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk

Have a lovely summer and I can’t wait to learn with you soon!