Wood Farm Primary School

Year 4 Owls Class 2023

Hello everyone, my name is Miss Thomas and if you were in Mrs Brady's class last year you’ll be joining me in the Year 4 Owl Class in September!

I’m looking forward to spending a year with you all and getting to know lots about you – here are a few facts about me:

As many of you learned on transfer morning, I am a big fan of Marvel and Japanese anime. I enjoy reading a variety of genres – currently one of my favourite authors is David Walliams and I also really enjoy playing football and other sports. So, get ready for fun-filled P.E lessons!  

I am still quite new to Oxford. I moved to Oxford from London recently and I enjoy going for a run along the canal and parks. I look forward to learning more about Oxford from all of you.

So lovely Owls in September we are all starting a wonderful new experience together, with more responsibility and independence. Don't worry if you are feeling a bit nervous (I am a little too!) but I am also very excited. Our year in year 4 as the Owls is going to be enjoyable and brilliant. Wait till you see the Maths lesson we have got planned for you. From the first day I met you all, I knew you were the perfect class for me, so cheerful and engaging, and I cannot wait to learn more about all of you throughout the year.

As you know, our class mascot is the Owl – here are some things that Owls do that we can be great at too:

  • They have sharp eyesight for good looking.
  • They have great hearing for good listening. 
  • They are wise.

What else can you find out about owls during the summer? Could you do a picture, or write something about clever owls to add to our new classroom? I'd love to see what you can do - have a great summer and see you in September.