Wood Farm Primary School

Year 4 Otters class 2023

Hello everyone – are you hardworking? Playful? Great at teamwork? Then get ready to join the Year 4 Otters! I’m Miss Werrell, and if you were in Mr Martin’s class then I’ll be your teacher in September. Read on to find out more… #BeMoreOtter

Do you have a favourite subject in school? I find it really hard to choose because I enjoy all the different things we learn together at Wood Farm. I do really enjoy art though, and I’ve loved doing lots of different artwork and learning about different artists with my class this year – I know that next year is going to be even better! I also really like to be active and to do sport – so PE is always great fun. Here are some other facts about me that you might like to know, and some things to look out for in our new classroom:

  • I really love stories – reading stories together, sharing a class book or listening to children read.
  • I like travelling – I’ve been to South Africa with our school to visit our friends in Adelaide Primary.
  • I like to have lots of great books in our classroom, with a special reading corner to enjoy them in and our display of different books we have read together and our recommended reads.
  • I like to find lots of ways to sharing your clever learning with everyone, and to publish our work.
  • And of course look out for our #TeamOtter reward chart!

As you know our class mascot is an Otter. Do you know much about otters? They are beautiful, clever animals and here are some things I know about them:

  • They’re great team workers.
  • They work really hard and they don’t give up.
  • They love having fun and being playful.

What other fascinating facts about Otters can you discover? Let me know – remember you can email me at our class address otters@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk

Have a great summer, and see you soon!