Wood Farm Primary School

Year 3 Dragonflies Class 2023

Hey everyone!  

My name is Mrs Brady. As you already know, if you were in Mrs McNeill’s class last year, you will be coming up to me in year 3! I cannot wait to spend the year with you all- I absolutely loved meeting you on transfer morning and I can already tell what great learners you are. 

Our class animal is the dragonfly. Dragonflies are very special creatures because:

  • They have extraordinary vision. They can see a 360-degree view and are always paying careful attention to the situation around them.
  • They are resilient. They have been on this earth for 300 million years and have had to adapt to new ways of life along the way (they have even learnt how to fly backwards!)
  • They are inspirational. They have inspired humans to create new technology in the past (including drones) because of their incredible flight skills and vision.

This also mirrors how we behave in year 3! We are incredibly careful and respectful of what is around us. We are resilient and like to challenge ourselves in our learning and finally we are inspirational to others, we create beautiful work and walk calmly around the school! 

As lots of you know from transition morning, I LOVE walking. A few years ago now, I walked a marathon and would really love to do another one. I really enjoy being in the fresh air and going for long walks in the sunshine (or the rain/snow!) 

I also have quite a big family! I have lots of brothers and sisters who I like to spend my time with (as well as my amazing nieces and nephews) 

My favourite time of the year is Christmas! I love everything about Christmas, the songs, the decorations, the films (mainly Elf!) the excitement, and the delicious food. That's why I got married at Christmas so that I could enjoy that time even more each year. 

You might be feeling nervous about being upstairs in the school next year and that's okay. But we are going to have the most exciting year next year, learning lots of interesting things and experiencing new things together. 

 I can't wait to welcome you all to year 3 in September!