Wood Farm Primary School

Year 2 Squirrels Class

Hello everyone, my name is Miss Payne and if you were in Miss Pallant's class last year you’ll be joining me in the Year 2 Squirrel Class in September! I’m really looking forward to spending a year with you all and getting to know lots about you – here are a few facts about me:


Hi everyone!

As I shared with you on transition day one of my favourite hobbies is baking. I love to cook sweet dishes, particularly cakes when it’s a friend or family member's birthday. 

I also really enjoy reading, especially sharing books in the classroom that take you to another world or place. I am sure in September we will have lots of time to discuss and share lots more new stories, just like on transition day when I introduced you all to the book ‘The Barnabus Project’ – which I am sure you can remember is one of my favourite picture books! 

During the school holidays I enjoy visiting places outside of Oxford – I love hot, sunny places, but I also really enjoy the Christmas holidays with all the fun and cheer. 

As you know our class mascot is the squirrel. Did you know that…

  • Squirrels are very intelligent creatures, which makes them good problem solvers when trying to avoid predators and find food for themselves.
  • Squirrels fur colour varies across species and often helps to camouflage them – red, brown or grey.
  • Squirrels have great eyesight, usually because they live in trees so can easily see everything below.

As squirrels we will have plenty of opportunities to problem solve and try out a variety of different methods in our learning, even if something is tricky at first. This perseverance will help us to succeed and learn in Year 2…. especially when we work together as a team!


Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you all in September.