Wood Farm Primary School

What people tell us

This page contains some quotes from feedback given to us by parents and other visitors, along with details of our annual questionnaire for Parents and Carers.

Annual Parent and Carer Survey

PDF icon Parent and Carer questionnaire results November 2017 

Wood Farm School is the reason for my achievements today.

Former Pupil

 A school full of stars!

Year 3 Parent 

My child joined Wood Farm this year, and has settled in GREAT with the help of his teacher.

Year 4 Parent

We will always proudly say that our child is a quality product of Wood Farm School, and finally we recommend this school very proudly.  We heartily thank one and all.

 Year 6 Parent

I'm really satisfied with my son's progress, with help from the school's teachers.

Year 3 Parent

My children are very happy, and so are we as parents.

Parent, Years 2, 3 & 5

 [Our daughter] absolutely loves being at school... the teaching staff at Wood Farm School are fantastic.

Year 5 Parent