Wood Farm Primary School

School Council

Welcome to our School Council Webpage! We think our School Council is outstanding: we take care of people on the playground, help to make our school an even better place and find out what people in our school really want.

This year we have worked on lots of new projects. Here are some examples.


Every break and lunch time, four School Councillors lead playtime games for the rest of the school. We decided to do this as people were telling us that they were really bored on the playground. We have a rota so that everyone has a go at helping out at some point during the week. 

PlaygroundNow we help people to have happy playtimes. Some of the activities we run are hula-hooping, skipping, hole in the cup, place mats and tennis. One child told Saika that he really enjoys skipping and hula hooping because it is a fun way to spend break time. Sometimes people come and ask Poppy where the equipment is if she is running late because they enjoy it so much! According to Megan and Adeel the skipping ropes are the most popular equipment and often people ask them to get them out next time.


Thumper the RabbitLast year, we went to Pets at Home and bought two rabbits for the school. We had a vote to choose what to name them, and decided on Rosie and Thumper. Tragically, Rosie passed away over the summer holidays (Rest in Peace Rosie). Since then we have looked after Thumper really carefully and helped Mrs Weitzel clean out the rabbit hutch when we can. Dufuwaa says all the children really like Thumper, but sometimes they feed her too much so we have to keep an eye on her!


Garden clubAs a School Council, some of us went to the local allotments to find out about how to run a School Garden. With the help of Mr. Touhy, we have set up our garden on the Year 3 and 4 balcony. We have planted some seeds, and are watching them carefully to see if they grow. Already, lots of the seeds have germinated in our green house. We are keeping a close eye on them! Hopefully, by the end of the year, we will have a feast of beetroots, beans, potatoes, salad and rocket.

Representing out school at Cheney

Cheney school logoWe also go to Partnership Council meetings at Cheney once a term. At these meetings, we learn about safety and how we can make our school safer. Our last meeting was about playground equipment and how to keep safe when we run playground activities. Other times, we have learnt about bullying and peer pressure and what we can do to help the teachers to help other children. We always share our ideas and have a say, so we are representing all the children of Wood Farm!

Keep checking out our new web page so you can find out even more about what we are doing in School Council. We have lots more ideas for the rest of this year. 

Thank you for reading, 


From the Wood Farm School Council


Written by Dufuwaa, Poppy, Mollie, Megan, Adeel, Maya, and Saika