Wood Farm Primary School

School Council

Welcome to our School Council Webpage! We think our School Council is outstanding: we take care of people on the playground, help to make our school an even better place and find out what people in our school really want. 

Our school council was paused during Covid-19 restrictions and so our current school council was first elected in 2019. 

Early School Council successes 

At the start of their term, the current School Council chose to focus on plastic waste and bought a reusable plastic cup for every child in the school.  

Every break and lunch time, School Councillors led different playground games and shared new equipment with different classes.  

Current priorities 

The school council has recently reformed with the remaining Year 5 and Year 6 Councillors finishing off their term and preparing for the next School Council election.  

The School Council has chosen to focus on these priorities for the remainder of the year: 

  1. Reminding Class Teachers about the plastic cups and buying new ones to replace any missing cups. 
  2. Supporting a Wear Yellow for Cystic Fibrosis day. 
  3. Consulting Lower Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 as to their priorities and ensure they are represented by the current School Council 
  4. Promoting music and music lessons in the school. 
  5. Prepare for new School council elections in the next academic year.  

Keep checking out our new web page so you can find out even more about what we are doing in School Council. We have lots more ideas for our school! 

Thank you for reading, 


From the Wood Farm School Council