Wood Farm Primary School

Reception Frogs Class 2022

Hello everyone, I am Mrs Kapswarah, and I am going to be your teacher in Frogs class. I was born in Zimbabwe, which is in Africa. I am really looking forward to spending the year with you all learning and playing, and getting to see you become independent learners in your first year at big school.

Here are a few facts about me:

I enjoy brisk walking for exercise – I always challenge myself to walk 8 kilometres (4.9 miles) in an hour. During my exercise, I challenge myself to walk up a very steep hill and when I get to the top, even though I am huffing and puffing I keep going and never give up. I also love to sing, so I hope you will enjoy all the songs we will learn together. I have 3 boys, two who have since finished school and one in secondary school. They are very musical and they make a lot of noise with their instruments in the house. 

I love seeing every person doing their best and not giving up in the face of challenges. So, I am looking forward to all the things you will be able to do and learn throughout the year like - putting on your own coat and even doing the zip up, sharing and taking turns, writing your name, using the toilet with little help and even opening up that crisp packet at lunch time. 

So, when you start in Frogs class, you might feel a bit worried about leaving your grown-ups and being in Reception class, but don’t worry we will be there to help you and make your day at school an exciting one. We are going to have such a great year together, full of exciting learning and lots of singing.