Wood Farm Primary School

Reception 2020 - daily routines

On this page we have added some more general information about life in Reception.  Do check back as we'll be adding more information during this term.


We have a simple school uniform that is worn by all children in the school:

White school shirt or polo shirt*

Navy blue school sweat shirt*

(Items marked* can be purchased from the school office and feature the school logo) 

Grey trousers or skirt (not denim) or a blue school dress.

Black school shoes, or trainers in black or a dark colour. 

It is very important that all school  uniform is labelled with your child’s full name.

Occasionally the children may get wet or dirty, so please ensure that there is a change of clothes in a bag on their peg, - including pants and socks.


School dinners:

Cooked school lunch is available every day, freshly prepared in our school kitchen, with a range of daily menu options available. You can download a menu from our website and menus will also be handed out to each child every term.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 will be entitled to a free school meal every day.

Packed lunch:

Free hot school meals are available to all, however if you would prefer to bring in a packed lunch for your child this is also possible. Our school believes that for children to be able to learn and concentrate well they need a balanced and healthy diet. Children must not bring in sweets, fizzy drinks or nuts. Please ensure that your child’s lunchbox is labelled and if they have any allergies that this has been communicated with your child’s class teacher.


All children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 are provided with a piece of  fruit every day. Water is also available to the children all day long.

Personal care –  Ensure you support and encourage your child to become independent at mealtimes, when using the toilet and managing their own self-care such as getting dressed and undressed by themselves. Through managing their own personal hygiene children will develop greater independence, self-esteem and confidence thus allowing them to thrive at school. 

To get a great picture of life in Wood Farm Primary School throughout the years please follow this link which will take you to our School’s YouTube page!

Web icon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOXz1AZBmHppTpeoyvWHmLg


In the Autumn term we will provide you with more ideas to support your child at home.

We look forward to seeing you all in September!