Wood Farm Primary School

Reading Volunteers

Could you spare a small amount of time each week to become a regular reading volunteer at Wood Farm School, and help us with one of our most important activities?

Helping children to become confident, independent readers is one of the most important things that a school can do - and it is an area of our work where parents, carers and other members of the community can make a big difference.

We have a small team of reading volunteers who come into our school regularly, and help the children with their reading by listening to them read, and talking to them about their books and reading choices.  Our volunteers range from students at the local universities, to retired people who have some extra time on their hands!

We are always keen to hear from people who would be interested to help us and supporting the teaching of reading by joining our volunteers.  Please contact the school office to find out more.

Wood Farm School is committed to safeguarding all of our pupils:  we require enhanced criminal record checks (through the Disclosure and Barring Service) and background checks for all regular volunteers.