Wood Farm Primary School

Holiday requests

Occassionally some parents ask for permission to take their child out of school during term-time.  Government guidelines make it clear that head teachers should not authorize time off school for holidays during term-time - we know that good attendance at school is vital for children to progress well with their learning.

At Wood Farm School we will only authorize requests for absence during term time in exceptional circumstances.  Examples of exceptional circumstances could include:

  • a once in a lifetime trip that has clear educational benefits
  • the necessity to travel to attend a family event, such as a wedding or funeral

In addition we always look at a child's pattern of attendance at school to date, along with his or her academic progress, when considering whether absence can be authorized.

Applications must be made well in advance of the requested period of absence (at least 1 month beforehand).  You should write to the head teacher with details of your request, and explaining the exceptional circumstances that apply.