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Corona Virus Information

This page contains some of our key information about Coronavirus (Covid-19) and how we are responding to the pandemic.  We'll add to it as more information as it becomes available, so do check back. Note: some of these links take you to external sites, for which we don't have control of contents).

Public Health:

information for parents

Emergency school arrangements Information and advice from government

Remote Learning:

summary of how we are ensuring children can learn from home

Help with mobile data Help with technology: what to do if you're struggling to get online
If you are worried about a child Help from Oxford City Council

Supporting wellbeing & mental health if children can't be at school

PDF icon Click here to read our current school opening risk assessment

PDF icon Click here to read the general advice to parents following a confirmed Covid case in school

Web icon Set up your broadband / devices to protect children from harmful content: helpful advice

Contacting your child's teacher

To ensure proper social distancing we have needed to put in place some new arrangements for how parents and carers communicate with school staff.  At this time parents and carers are not allowed to enter the school buildings or playground, and school staff are not available for discussions in person.  You can contact the school office by telephone or by email, and ask for a message to be passed to a teacher or other staff member.

Parents can also contact their child's class teacher by email:



R, Mrs Kapswarah



R, Miss Jenkins



Y1, Miss Portway



Y1, Miss Bennett



Y2, Miss Key



Y2, Mrs McNeill



Y3, Miss Parry



Y3, Miss Constantinescu



Y4, Miss Morris



Y4, Miss Werrell



Y5, Mr Stanton



Y5, Mr Payne



Y6, Mrs McGlynn


Y6, Miss Fellows


The Lighthouse,

Mr Martin




My child has Covid-19 symptoms, what do I do?

If your child has any of the Covid symptoms they must stay home until recovered.

The symptoms are a high temperature, a continuous cough, loss/change of sense of taste or smell. Children with a high temperature must stay at home and not come to school until they are better. Make sure you tell us that your child has possible Covid-19 symptoms.  If your child has taken a covid test let us know the result.

My child has tested positive for Covid-19, what do I do?

If your child has tested positive for Covid-19 they must isolate at home for at least the three days following the test, and until they are better and don't have a raised temperature.

My child seems fine but I think I might have Covid symptoms.  What do I do?

Please tell us if you or anyone in your household has Covid symptoms, so that we can keep a special eye on your child for any developing symptoms.  Your child can carry on coming to school, but please watch carefully for any signs of them developing Covid-19. If your child starts to develop cold-like symptoms after being a contact with you they probably have Covid-19: please keep them at home until they are fully recovered.

Where do I bring my child to at the start of the day?

Please come to the main school entrance, and follow the one-way system down the ramp and around to the school gate.  Please come at the correct time for your child's year group.  Keep to the distance markers, to help everyone to socially distance.  When asked please follow the route round onto the playground - children will join their teachers there, and parents will continue to follow the markers round a route past the Youth Centre, back to the main road.

Can I go over and talk to my child's teacher?

During the Spring term 2022 there have been very high numbers of Covid-19 cases in schools across Oxford and England, which has caused a lot of disruption - and has led to a lot of staff needing to be at home due to ill-health. To reduce the risks of staff, and to help them to stay well and in work, we want to reduce the number of contacts they have - this means we are not routinely welcoming parents or many other visitors into school at the moment. You can often have a brief chat to a teacher, or a member of the SLT, at the start or end of the day on the playground, but f you need a longer conversation with a member of staff please call or email the school.  Teachers will be happy to arrange a time for a telephone conversation to discuss how your child is getting on in school.

What if I'm worried about my child?

Although we can't meet face-to-face as we normally would we do want to stay in touch and sort out any concerns you might have.  Please do call the school or email if you'd like to arrange a conversation with a member of staff.

Are children wearing masks/face coverings in school?

No, children are not encouraged to wear face coverings in school.

Do teachers and other staff wear masks?

All staff in the school are continuing to wear face coverings when not teaching in their classes, whilst case numbers remain high in Oxford.  Some individual adults in school need to be particularly careful about social distancing, so they might wear a face covering continuously.

Essential visitors from outside the school are required to wear a face covering.

Why are you still asking parents to wear face coverings on the school site?

Coronavirus case numbers have been rising across England during the Spring, and are still much higher in the Oxford area than they were earlier in the pandemic.  Although not legally required  at the moment, the government does still recommend people wear a face covering in crowded spaces where people are mixing with other households.  At drop-off and collection times lots of parents and people from different households mix in busy spaces at the school exits - wearing a face covering is an easy and sensible way to prevent Covid spreading and to protect people who might be vulnerable.

Updated April 2022