Wood Farm Primary School


The New Wood Farm School

Construction work on the new Wood Farm Primary School was completed in 2014 - this marked the end of an exciting period during which the entire school was demolished and re-built on the existing site, along with the adjoining Slade Nursery and Children's Centre.

Designing and building our new school took over four years in total: the new buildings and landscape were designed by Jacobs Engineering, based in Aylesbury, and the construction work was carried out by Leadbitter Construction.  During this time we learnt to share our school site with many different people (and found out about many different jobs) including builders, engineers, surveyors and architects.

Our children were involved as much as possible throughout the process, with regular visits to the building site and some special projects that involved the building and design teams - including celebrations at Christmas, the Royal Jubilee, our school restaurant project and design work for our playground.

We think that our completed buildings are some of the best in the country: our school is a beautiful place to work and learn in - with kitchens for children to cook in, drama and music studio spaces, hall and outdoor sports spaces and fantastic classrooms.

You can look at some pictures of the building process by clicking on the gallery below - and we hope that you'll be able to visit our school in person some time soon!


Images of the construction process of the new building.