Wood Farm Primary School

Statutory information

As well as containing lots of other interesting and helpful information about Wood Farm School our website contains some key pieces of information that all schools are required to publish on line.

On this page you will find some quick links to these pieces of statutory information:

Information Location on site (and hyperlink)
School's ethos and values 'Mission' within 'Our School'
Contact details 'Contact Us'
Admission arrangements 'Admissions' within 'Our School'
Ofsted report 'Ofsted' within 'Our School'
Key Stage 2 results 'Attainment' within 'Learning'
School Performance Tables DfE performance tables site
Phonics 'Reading' within 'Learning'
Behaviour policy 'Policies' within 'Parents'
Pupil Premium information 'Pupil Premium' within 'Learning'
Sport Premium information 'Sport and PE Premium' 
SEN policy 'Policies' within 'Parents'
Charging and remissions policy 'Policies' within 'Parents'
Accessibility Plan 'Policies'within 'Parents'
British Values statement 'Policies' within 'Parents'

Assessment without levels: click here for information about our approach