Wood Farm Primary School


School Leadership Team

Mr D. Lewin Executive Head teacher
Miss G. Connelly  Deputy Head teacher
Ms H. Barton Deputy Head teacher
Miss L. Holman Deputy Head teacher
Mrs A. Neal Assistant Head teacher: Distance Learning
Mrs N. Ashwin

Lead for Professional Learning.

Year 1 & 2 co-ordinator

Mrs A. Holden SENCo
Miss H. Werrell  Year 3 & 4 co-ordinator
Miss S. Fellows Year 5 & 6 co-ordinator
Miss M. Jenkins Foundation Stage co-ordinator
Mrs E. Brady Specialist: Learner Engagement

 Foundation Stage Team

Miss M. Jenkins (team leader) Teacher Mrs B. Kapswarah Teacher
Mrs B. Dhaliwal Teacher Miss G. Fields Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Reynolds Nursery Nurse Mrs N. Begum Teaching Assistant 
Miss M. Jordan Teaching Assistant

Year 1 & 2 Team

Miss S. Bennett

Teacher Mrs A. Stawinska Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Portway Teacher Mrs C. Cantwell Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Coyle Teacher Mrs R. Khanom Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z. McNeil Teacher Miss F. Taylor Teaching Assistant
Miss R. Key Teacher Miss L. Jordan Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Davies  Teaching Assistant Miss del Carmen Merchan Teaching Assistant

Year 3 & 4 Team

Miss H. Werrell (team leader) Teacher Miss K. Ruiz Teaching Assistant
Miss K. Morris Teacher Mr K. Jenkins Teaching Assistant
Mrs E. Brady Teacher Miss N. Bull Teaching Assistant
Miss J. Constantinescu Teacher Miss S. Kir Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Roberts Teaching Assistant Miss T. Babu Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Mackowska Teaching Assistant

Year 5 & 6 Team

Miss S. Fellows (team leader)  Teacher Miss L. Kinnaird Teaching Assistant
Mr T. Payne Teacher Ms N. Arbach Teaching Assistant
Mrs G. McGlynn Teacher Miss N. Thomas Teaching Assistant
Mr N. Stanton Teacher Mr P. Martin Teacher
Mr A. Moore Teacher Ms L. Timpe Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Parry Teacher

Additional Teaching

Mrs A. Holden SEN co-ordinator
Mrs A. Neal Catch-up co-ordination
Mrs B. Wilson Catch-up teacher

Pastoral Support

Miss A. Britnell Learning Mentor

Administration & Technical

Ms C. Routledge School Business Manager
Mrs J. Durrant  P.A. to the Executive Head teacher
Miss A. White Administrative Assistant
Mr N. Bonney Caretaker
Miss T. Harvey  Cleaner
Mr W. Tattersall Cleaner
Mr G. Moyes Cleaner
Mrs A. MacMilliane Cleaner

Lunch Supervision

Mrs P. Bhagat Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A. Alden Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V. Sheldon Lunchtime Supervisor