Wood Farm Primary School


At Wood Farm Primary we believe that school should always be a happy, exciting and friendly place to be.  We're fascinated by learning: by interesting ideas, by all the wonderful and beautiful things in the world, and by helping each other to be the very best.

We want every child who comes to Wood Farm School to be a successful learner:

  • to learn to read confidently and fluently, as quickly as possible, and to have great knowledge about the world to build on as they grow older;
  • to develop the skills that will help them to succeed in school, work and in life, and to create and enjoy making beautiful things;
  • to be able to communicate and express their ideas clearly and confidently, and to make friends and get along well with other people.


And what I heard was my whole self, saying and singing what it knew: I can.

Denise Levertov

We express our mission everyday through our shared values:

  • Ambition- by setting ourselves targets and having high expectations
  • Beauty - by making and appreciating beautiful work, and being open to new ideas and new opportunities
  • Connection - by being proud of our achievements, and helping each other to succeed


We are ambitious for ourselves, and for all of our pupils.  We want all of our children to leave our school ready to be successful in secondary school, to have excellent literacy and mathematics skills, but also to have those skills and attitudes that help people to succeed in life: the ability to get along with other people, to solve problems and think creatively, to cope with change, and to keep learning - and we want children to leave us knowing that school is a happy and exciting place to be!