Wood Farm Primary School

Year 6: Into University 2017

During the first week of this term, Year 6 had a week-long project with IntoUniversity. We had a fantastic week, working on our literacy and maths knowledge, collaborating in teams to become entrepreneurs and learning all about university life.

From budgeting, to marketing, pitching their ideas and even pizza making at ‘Pizza Express’, the children ran their own mini-enterprise projects throughout the week. They became even better at working together, aiming high and supporting each other to succeed.

As well as this they explored much more about university, exploring different universities, courses and finding out about what makes university life so exciting! This all led to a fantastic day spent at Christchurch College, part of the University of Oxford, where we were students for the day; we explored the campus, met and talked to some students studying there, and even graduated!

The final celebration was an opportunity for the children to share what they had learnt with parents and carers, as well as a representative from the university. They shared their presentations about inspiration role models and shared their aspirations for the future. Then, wearing graduation robes and mortar-boards, they ‘graduated’ from IntoUniversity: they were presented with certificates and had their own graduation photographs taken!  A big thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to the graduation – one child described how ‘graduation made me feel so special, especially with parents and teachers watching and clapping us!’

‘We were so impressed with the maturity and attitude to learning that the children showed’

It was such a fantastic week and we were so proud of all of the children who took part. They showed how good they all are at working together, focusing on their goals and being resilient. Chloe and the team at University, said to us afterwards, ‘We were so impressed with the maturity and attitude to learning that the children showed’. At the end of the week all the children felt they had learnt so much more about university, and every child came away with an idea of what and where they would like to study for university.