Wood Farm Primary School

Emergency Closures - be prepared!

We will always try to keep the school open, but there have been times when we have had to close the school at short notice because of heavy snow, or other disruptive weather.

As we enter the colder months please make sure that you know how to stay up to date with any information about emergency closures:

If we had to close the school because of snow, or some other emergency, we would try to make an announcement on local radio stations - particularly BBC Radio Oxford (95.2FM) and Jack FM (106.8 FM, 106.4 FM).  If you think there is a chance that the school will need to close please listen to the radio in the morning before sending children into school.  You can also check the county council school closures web page for a list of any schools that are closed.

We will also try to put an announcement on our web-site, and will also try to use our Twitter account to keep you informed.

In the event of an extended emergency closure please keep checking back at the school web-site for updated information, and for details of home-learning that children can be doing.