Wood Farm Primary School

Meet Mrs. Koci!

Children and teacherDuring February 2015 we have been lucky to host a visit from Mrs. Gentiana Koci, the Head teacher of Fenix School in Tirana, Albania.  The Fenix School is a similar size to Wood Farm School, but teaches children up to the age of 15.  Ms. Koci spent two weeks with us, finding out about life in an English primary school - and she was also able to visit some other schools in our partnership during her stay, including Cheney secondary school.

Here some of our children in Years 5 and 6 ask Mrs. Koci about her visit, and her life in Albania:

Luka: How has Albania changed over the past few years?

Mrs. Koci: An interesting question! One of the main changes was our will - and our will to make changes.

Gzim: How would you describe our school in one word?

One word? That's a hard question... Life!

Declan: What is it like in Albania?

It's a good place to live - a worthwhile place.  Everyone is working to make it better.

Benji: What is the school that you work in called?

Fenix [in England, Phoenix], because our school was opened at a time of change in Albania.  The name represents rebirth and hope.

Anjolene: Would you want to work at Wood Farm School, and if so why?

Definitely! It is similar to what I believe a school should be like - it's an environment where you can learn.

Gzim: What inspired you to become a teacher?


Declan: Have you enjoyed Wood Farm School?

Yes, it's really interesting.  It's been a new experience, and I would recommend new experiences to other people - they give you more knowledge and understanding.

Nabila: How long have you been a Head teacher?

Five years

Benji: What sport is most popular in your school?

Football, for boys, and Volleyball for the girls.

Anjolene: Why did you want to come to visit Wood Farm?

Ours is an English speaking school with an English curriculum, in Albania.  So it was an opportunity to find out more about the English system, and your school.

Children and teacher

Luka: What has been the favourite thing you've done in England?

Visiting the bookshops!

Anjolene: How different is Wood Farm from your school?

Not so different, actually very similar.

Gzim: How many pupils do you have?

230 only, but their ages go from five to fifteen.

Nabila: What is your favourite Head teacher memory?

I can't pick a favourite.  For me it is the opportunity to see various ways of doing things - when someone tries to do better, that is my favourite.

Benji: What is your favourite year/class?

Interesting - Probably the youngest.  They are at their first stage of learning, when everything is exciting.

Declan: What is it like being a Head teacher?

It's a great responsibility and an honour.  You can really do something, as you build your team of learners!

Everyone: Goodbye, and thank-you!