Wood Farm Primary School

Kilvrough March 2023 - Tuesday

We all slept really well last night and all of us stayed in our rooms until it was time to get up. Duty group for today served us a delicious breakfast of cereal and bacon and veggie sausage sandwiches to get us ready for our day. Mr Moore did the first room inspection - there was a tie for first place today between three of the rooms. Mr Moore was very impressed with everyone! 

Group A and B both went climbing today with their instructors Sarah, Ed and Rod. 

In group B the children had a go at scrabbling across the rocks and took on some mini caving challenges before attempting their rock climbing. Mr Martin was extremely impressed with everyone’s team work and particularly George and Anamika for their leadership skills. James also really stood out for being a supportive and helpful team member. 

In Group A everyone took on three different rock climbing challenges. Kristupas was a natural and made it to the top on all three gos. Jake really impressed all the adults with his determination to succeed and was extremely proud of himself for getting to the top! Filip, Kristupas, Emily, Marwan and Melody all had a go at abseiling. It was pretty scary but they all succeeded!

 Groups C and D headed off for canoeing this morning. 

After learning the skills, Mr Moore’s group headed off on a little journey done the river. Jay and Alfie had the important job of being partners with Mr Moore during the day and they showed great skill and speed in the canoes. After lunch the group had a go at some games in the canoes (catching the ducks and head, shoulders, knees, jump!) Mr Moore and Jamie were really impressed with Jameilah and Steven for their great team work and enthusiasm during the games. 

Group D also had a brilliant day on the water. They worked extremely hard together to help move the canoes from the minibus to the water before pairing up and learning the skills. Sam and Miss Thomas were so impressed with Demi’s resilience and how much she improved throughout the day. Awwal and Leo used their confident to help and support others. 

After returning from activities, we had some free time before a delicious dinner of pasta bolognese followed by apple crumble and cream. 

This evening we went on a beautiful night walk. Everyone loved turning their lights off and sitting silently to enjoy the peace and quiet with beautiful surroundings. 

We are all very tired from a busy day and ready for a good nights sleep.