Wood Farm Primary School

Kilvrough March 2023 - Thursday

Our fourth day at Kilvrough brought with it another weather experience - it was pouring with rain all day! 

For breakfast, we had sausage and veggie sausage baps and cereal before setting off on our activities for the day.  

Groups A and B (with Mr Martin and Miss Fellows) headed to the canal for a day of canoeing. When they arrived, they had to work as a team to unload the canoes. They then learnt from their instructors Rod, Sarah and Ed how to get safely in the canoe and use their paddle to move forwards. Mr Martin selected the first pairs in his group and they set out on the water to practise their skills. Shevaun and George made a great start and stood out at the leaders of the group, offering advice to the others. Jemimah showed such bravery to overcome her initial apprehension and was soon very confident on the water. Melody had the difficult task of learning the skills, while also having to be partnered with Miss Fellows! After a quick lunch break sheltering from the rain, both groups set off on their joinery down the canal. They paddled for a mile there and back and showed great resilience in the wet weather and overcoming the challenges in the water. Aidan and Tristan worked hard on their communication skills and were confidently explain him to each over how to be successful when manipulating past some tricky obstacles. Kieron and Anamika were quietly confident as the leaders of their group until they capsized and took a dip in the canal. Both were a little wet but absolutely fine and laughed it off with their group afterwards. Both groups enjoyed playing “head, shoulders, knees, jump” and some children challenged themselves to paddle standing up!

 For groups C and D it was time to take on rock climbing! They headed off after collecting all of their safety equipment (helmets, harnesses and ropes) to nearby beaches with some challenging cliffs to climb. After learning how to safely put on their helmets and how to be supportive team members when belaying they began their climbing challenges. Lots of children started the day feeling very apprehensive about climbing. Shayla, Lily S, Evie and Laura were a dream team - all the girls were extremely support of each other and really proud of themselves for achieving their goals. Coleton really impressed Miss Thomas, he set himself little mini goals and overcame his initial apprehensions to succeed - he was so proud of himself. Mr Moore was particularly impressed with Summer for overcoming her fears and pushing herself to reach the top of the climb! Leana and Daisy were extremely proud of themselves and worked really hard to support their team mates.  

This evening’s dinner was huge portions of pizza, potato wedges and spaghetti hoops. We have all really loved the food this week - Ron the chef has been amazing and has kept us well fed all week. 

Tonight we spent lots of time organising our things ready to go home. Then we enjoyed a reflection on our week with some delicious hot chocolate and biscuits and the final instalment of our film. 

We are looking forward to heading home and seeing our families tomorrow but will be enjoying a morning playing at the beach first.