Wood Farm Primary School

Kilvrough 2024 - Wednesday

Today has been a fantastic day for the group at Kilvrough. After a long day yesterday, we all enjoyed a good sleep. Everyone settled really quickly and stayed in their rooms until it was time to get up this morning. 

We had a little treat of bacon or veggie sausage baps for breakfast this morning before heading out on our activities. 

Group A wrapped up warm as they headed out to the canal for canoeing. They began the day with some amazing teamwork helping to unload the canoes from the trailer before getting onto the water to learn how to manoeuvre the boats. Arno and Alan K showed their leadership straight away offering thoughtful and supporting advice to others. Laurie showed a great understanding of the skills and Jose and Shay B made an amazing team! 

Group B braved the rainy weather and headed down to the beach for climbing. They achieved so much today, everyone took on the challenge of climbing and abseiling and then enjoyed a long scramble over the rocks.  Nezio was really proud of how high he was able to climb and for safely belaying Mr Payne. Josh really challenged himself and was very pleased with how much he managed to achieve today. 

Groups C and D headed off to Worm Head this morning for a day of scrambling and exploration. Hassan was really pleased with how much he was able to achieve and enjoyed the beautiful views with Mr Martin. Miyka and Arnav loved learning about the different types of rocks found in the area and how they are created. 

After quite a wet and windy day, we were pleased to have a roast dinner to warm us up this evening followed by some indoor activities. Every group took on some problem solving team tasks set up by our instructor Rod. Group D came out the overall winners showing the best teamwork, communication and being the most enthusiastic. Rod was so impressed with everyone’s hard work, he made some delicious hot chocolate to end the evening with.