Wood Farm Primary School

Kilvrough 2024 - Tuesday

We’ve had a very busy day two at Kilvrough! Everyone went to sleep straight away last night and stayed in their rooms this morning until it was time to get up (some children even needed waking up). There was lots to get ready this morning for our first day of activities but we all coped with the new routines really well. 

Duty group today did a brilliant job of setting up for breakfast - Sienna and Kai showed off their serving skills. 

Unfortunately, the rainy weather this week means that no one is able to go caving but our instructors have lots of exciting things planned instead. 

Groups A and B headed out to Worms Head for a busy day of scrambling, searching for creatures in rock pools and fossil hunting. When we arrived, we met the local coastguards, who taught us about how to be safe with the tides. Everyone persevered and managed to climb to the top of the head, Shay D really overcame his fears at the top with some help from Shay B and Jose. Lilly loved searching the rock pools and was very pleased to find several crabs, some shrimp and a starfish! Neo was really proud of all the challenges he took on during the walk and Adriana loved finding fossils in the rocks. We were even lucky enough to spot some seals in the water! 

Groups C headed off to the beach for a day of climbing! They started off with a very big challenge to have a go at abseiling from the top before taking on some climbing. There was some amazing teamwork with some children belaying, while others climbed. Moses made it all the way to the top and Milana showed amazing resilience to overcome her fears. Before heading home, Miyka showed off his scrambling skills on the low rocks! 

Mr Martin and Group D spent the day on the canal having a go at canoeing. They worked amazingly as a team to get all the boats on the water and then began learning the basics - how to move forward and backwards! Lena showed great confidence from the start and offered fantastic support for her team. After lunch, they went on a journey along the canal and even had a go at some races. Alfie and Freida took on all the challenges with confidence and a big smile on their faces. 

For dinner this evening, we enjoyed a delicious meal of pasta bolognese followed by apple crumble. 

After dinner, we headed back out for a night walk, where we walked up to some nearby castle ruins and enjoyed stargazing. Some children were excellent at spotting the constellations. 

After a very busy day, we are all definitely ready for a good nights sleep.