Wood Farm Primary School

Kilvrough 2024 - Thursday

Our final full day at Kilvrough has been fantastic! This morning for breakfast we enjoyed lots of different cereal and sausage or veggie sausage rolls. We were very pleased to see the sun shining after a wet day yesterday and were feeling excited for our final activity. 

Groups A and D headed to Pobbles beach to climb, while groups B and C went to the canal for a day of canoeing. 

When we arrived at Pobbles beach it was quite a long sandy walk down to our climbing areas. Everyone had to work together to get all the equipment for the day down safely. While our instructors (Sam and Sarah) set up the ropes, we learnt how to safely put on our harnesses for climbing. Everyone challenged themselves with the climb, even when they thought it would be too tricky. Lena and Shanel showed off their natural climbing skills and gave amazing advice to help others. Isla was brave enough to be the first one to have a go and demonstrate the skills for the whole group. Laurie initially found the climbing quite scary but on her second go made her way right to the top. Ryan was excellent at overcoming his fears and confidently found his way down an abseil. 

At the canal, everyone worked as a team to unload the canoes from the trailers and help each other get their helmets and buoyancy aids on. Neo took an early dip in the canal but was helped out by his friends and was able to see the funny side! In both groups everyone was confident in working with different partners and showing off their skills. Our instructor Rod was really impressed with Shelby’s skills and confidence in giving advice to others. Stephin and Yaser made a fantastic team and Anida grew in confidence as the day went on. 

This evening, we had a delicious dinner of pizza and potato wedges followed by cake and custard. Then we have been very busy packing up our bags and getting the centre tidy for our journey home. Mr Moore was so impressed with how well everyone gathered their things - it was the smallest lost property pile he’d ever seen! 

The children have had a wonderful week and are excited for a day at the beach tomorrow before heading home.