Wood Farm Primary School

Kilvrough 2024 - Monday

The coach set off just before 8:00 this morning, and arrived safely in Wales just after 12:00 midday today.

Everyone has had a great first day at Kilvrough! We arrived safely after a brilliant journey with lots of games and singing! 

When we reached Kilvrough Manor we found out our bedroom groups and everyone helped to carry the heavy bags upstairs and make our beds.

After lunch we went into our groups for the first time and met our instructors: Sarah, Jamie, Rod and Sam. They helped us to find our way around the house and get all the equipment we will need for the week. 

In group A - with Sarah, Mrs Ayris and Miss Thomas - Fercio showed great leadership in helping organise his team in their challenges. Riah really loved the swing ball challenge! 

In group B with Mr Payne and Rod, Alan W and Arish made a great team as they tried to untangle themselves and Reeti really impressed Rod with her leadership and communication skills. 

Lena stood out as a supportive team member in group D and impressed Mr Martin and Sam as she helped others overcome their challenges. George was fantastic in helping everyone succeed in getting through the spider web. 

In Group C, both Eliza and Sienna were quietly confident in working with their team and Mr Moore and Jamie as they took on lots of challenges. 

After a fun afternoon, we managed to get some free time in the sunshine and Mr Payne got the chance to show off his cricket skills. Then we had a delicious dinner of fish fingers, mash potatoes and beans followed by jelly and ice cream. 

This evening, we have enjoyed some orienteering in the dark around the Kilvrough grounds. Every group managed to find all of the markers but the winning team was Alan K, Alfie and Filip.