Wood Farm Primary School

Help with mobile data offer January 2021

During the national lockdown, when most children are learning at home, the government is working with some mobile providers to help disadvantaged children who don't have a fixed broadband connection, and are using mobile data devices to learn and might not be able to afford additional data.

This scheme is open to children and young people in years 3 to 11 who:

  • do not have access to a fixed broadband connection (the request may be unsuccessful if the account holder also has broadband)
  • cannot afford the additional data needed to access educational resources
  • have access to a mobile device that uses a participating network
  • are facing disruption to their face-to-face education

Please read the DfE privacy statement, which explains how your information is processed for this offer:


Not all mobile networks are involved, and different networks are offering different levels of support.  Please click here for more details: Network offer details

Parents can't request more data directly: requests have to come from the school.  If you think the conditions of this offer apply to you, please contact the school office.  You will need to supply the following information:

  • the account holder’s name
  • their mobile number (a number beginning with ‘07’)
  • their mobile network
  • whether they pay monthly or pay as they go