Wood Farm Primary School

Ms Barton (Deputy head)

Hello everyone, my name is Ms Barton and I am one of the deputy heads at Wood Farm. I spend some of my time teaching in year 6, but am lucky enough to be able to spend time in classes across the school now which means I get to see wonderful learning all the way from Reception to Year 6.  

I have worked at Wood Farm for more than ten years, and have probably taught lots of your older brothers and sisters. I love seeing and hearing about all the amazing ideas you have, and all the knowledge you have from your learning and your lives outside school. 

When I am not at school, I am often spending time with my little girl Jasmine and our excitable cat Asha! Like lots of the teachers in school, I love reading and enjoy spending my summer getting lost in exciting stories about different people and places. I also love being outside: being near the sea is my favourite place to be and when I am brave enough to face the cold I love paddling and swimming in the water!  

Something you might not know about me is that I used to spend all my holidays camping, and we camped in some very exciting places, sometimes even without a tent! I’ve slept on the top of mountains, under the stars in a desert even in an igloo in my back garden!