Wood Farm Primary School

Miss Holman (Deputy head)

Hi everyone, I’m Miss Holman and I help Mr Lewin to run the school. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in your new classes in September. I’ve been a teacher here for 17 years and love Wood Farm School!

I love learning new things but my favourite subject to teach is maths. I do some teaching in year 5 and 6 but I enjoying seeing you all learning in all of your different classes. 

When I am not at school I like doing lots of thing but I love sport and exercise - it makes me feel happy. Before I had my own children (I have a little girl and a little boy now) I used to play football. I played from the age of 6 (for Quarry Rovers) all the way up to being an adult when I played for Oxford Utd. I love swimming and cycling so I did some triathlons a few years ago which includes swimming, cycling and running. Now I like to keep active by going to the gym and I also like to go for walks and cycle rides at the weekend with my family. 

Growing up I had two cats and one of them only had three legs. She was still really quick and managed to climb high trees! She was called Asha (like Miss Barton’s cat now!) I now have a lovely cat called Willow, who meows a lot and is very brave. 

I love reading and at the moment I am reading a lot of picture books with my children when I’m not in school. One book I’ve read recently and really enjoyed is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.