Wood Farm Primary School

Meet Miss Van De Vyver!

Miss Van De Vyver visited us from Adelaide School in South Africa, at the start of the 2014/15 school year.  She stayed with us for a week, and before she left we asked her a few questions...

What differences have you noticed between Adelaide and Wood Farm?

There are a lot!  You have computers in all of your classes, and your building has two stories.  As well as teachers you have many Teaching Assistants, working so nicely with everyone - and everyone is so friendly! 

Would you like all of the technology we use, or do you prefer your chalkboards?

Good questions!  There are two parts to my answer: I would prefer your SmartBoards, but we have a power crisis in South Africa, and often have no reliable electricity - so chalk boards are more practical. 

Do you get heatwaves in South Africa, and roughly how long from one to the next?

Yes, they last about three days, but with big gaps in between.

What is your most embarrasing childhood memory?

OK!  Probably climbing a tree when I was quite young: I made it all the way to the top, then got afraid - but I was too proud to admit it.  I fell... and broke my nose! 

What is your favourite animal and why?

That would have to be my dog - because my dog is always happy to see me.

What is the most common animal in Adelaide?

Also dogs!  We have lots of stray dogs in Adelaide, and also some goats.

How many animal escapes have you had on your farm?  Have you had to release any dangerous animals?

Warthogs sometimes break the fences, but mostly not dangerous animals.  Jackal are dangerous to sheep and goats.

What is the worst thing that has happened on your farm?

Probably thefts: people stealing things, especially sheep and goats.

We know that you don't like snakes, but if you had to hold one which one would it be?

Ha ha, a dead one!  Maybe a small one, like a grass snake.

What will be your best memory of this week, and what are you most looking forward to back in SA?

Very good question: all of your singing, and also all of the school coming together at breaktimes.  I'm most looking forward to walking off the plane when then flight is over, and seeing my kids in school again.

Have you ever thought of doing another job, and if so why?

Probably farming, because I enjoy working with animals.

What does the Afrikaans verse in 'We Stand Tall' say in English?

Well, it's a direct translation of the English words - beginning 'We all speak in our own way...'

Questions by Dufuwaa, Molly, Samuel, Kade, Benji, Anjoline