Wood Farm Primary School


At Wood Farm, we aim to enable all children to successful in their maths learning. Children across our school see themselves as confident and able mathematicians, who see maths as a necessity for their future.

Our school’s approach to teaching mathematics delivers the aims of the National Curriculum through a focus on developing the core principles of maths mastery and is approached using the guidance and support of White Rose maths and in Reception, using NCETM's Number Blocks resources. 

What you'll see:

Whole class teaching across the school with children working with their teacher on the curriculum objectives for their year group.

Children independently choosing and using a range of manipulative resources and models to support their fundamental understanding.

Learning differentiated to enable all learners to succeed and be challenged in their learning.

Problem solving being taught as a fundamental skill in every lesson.


What you'll hear:

Teachers modelling the use of mathematical vocabulary.

Teachers modelling and children using mathematical vocabulary to explain their understanding.

Teachers and TAs asking high-quality questions which require children to give mathematical reasoning for their ideas.

Children discussing their understanding and posing questions.

Fluent recall of number and times table facts.

For more information, or ideas of how to support your child with their maths learning, please see the links and documents below:

Wood Farm School Maths Calculation Policy - Addition and Subtraction

- Document detailing the mathematical methods and models we use in school for addition and subtraction, from year 1 to year 6.

Wood Farm School Maths Calculation Policy - Multiplication and Division

- Document detailing the mathematical methods and models we use in school for multiplication and division, from year 1 to year 6.

White Rose Maths 'Maths with Michael' Video Series

- Video series produced by White Rose, presented by teacher, parent and presenter Michael Underwood, and explaining the methods and strategies used to teach maths in our school.

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