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At Wood Farm School we want every child to have a high quality music education, and to be inspired to develop their love of music and their talent as musicians as they grow up. We think every child should have the chance to learn a musical instrument at primary school, to take part in performances, and to listen to accomplished musicians perform.

Our music curriculum begins in Reception, with children singing together and learning about rhythm and using first instruments. Most of our music teaching takes place in class groups, and we follow the Charanga Musical Schools curriculum, but we also have specialist instrument teaching in small groups and for classes. In Year 6 all children have the opportunity to learn the guitar, with weekly lessons. Many of our children also choose to learn a brass instrument during key stage 2, and to perform in the school band.

What you'll see:

Children being taught whole class music lessons by their class teacher, or a specialist.

Children using tuned and percussion instruments to perform individually or together.

Children following music notation.

Children learning about different musical forms, and different composers and artists through history.

What you'll hear:

Children making music, together or individually.

Children talking about music they have listened to.

Children singing 

Further information:

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Year 6 Knowledge and Skills

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser

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