Wood Farm Primary School

International Links

Children with flagSince 2012 our school has been part of an active and exciting partnership with Adelaide Primary School in South Africa, supported by the British Council.

Teachers from Wood Farm School and Adelaide have been able to visit each other's schools to teach children, share ideas, and to learn from each other.





'Children at Wood Farm School will see themselves as world citizens


Our school will have a strong link, practical and emotional, with our partner school founded on friendship, shared ownership of the link, and commitment to learning from each other


The international element of our curriculum will help our pupils to ‘see further’: to learn about the world beyond Wood Farm and the UK, and about the lives of children who live there.'

From our International Vision, 2012

As well as writing letters to each other and talking to each other using video conferencing software, children in our two schools have worked together - across thousands of miles - on joint learning projects, including our brilliant project on Guy Fawkes' Lantern.

Over the coming years we will be organizing more joint visits, and more exciting projects - and we will be posting more of our learning here on our website.

We are very proud of the international nature of our school: many of our pupils have lived their whole lives here in Oxford in the UK, whilst lots of our pupils have lived in other countries or have friends and family in other parts of the world.  Wood Farm School is a happy, vibrant place where we celebrate our differences, share our common values and learn together.











Your school is an excellent example of how to guide your international work through a clearly planned, directed and delivered set of activities across a logical cross-curricular platform.

British Council International School Award 2014 - 17    

Below: Miss Barton & Miss Phillips' visit to South Africa, October 2013Class in South Africa