Wood Farm Primary School


Home learning

In the event, that your child has a period of home isolation, quarantine or that their class bubble is closed, we will provide learning for pupils to continue to access at home, as long as they are well enough to do so.

Online learning packs

The best way to access home learning during term time is to download learning packs here. These resources have been put together by our teachers.

To view the most recent online learning packs, please click on the links below:


Key stage 1 - Years 1 and 2

Lower key stage 2 - Years 3 and 4

Upper key stage 2 - Years 5 and 6

To view online learning packs for previous weeks, please click here.

Communicating with your child's class teacher

Your child's class teacher may be in contact with you over the phone to discuss home learning and offer you support. If you would like to speak to your child's teacher or have a question or concern, please email them using the addresses below:

Class Teacher's Name Email Address
F1a Mrs Dhaliwal frogs@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
F1b Miss Jenkins bees@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y1a Miss Pallant foxes@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y1b Miss Hazell ladybirds@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y2a Mrs McNeill squirrels@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y2b Miss Key badgers@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y3a Mrs Brady dragonflies@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y3b Mr Martin hedgehogs@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y4a Miss Werrell otters@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y4b Miss Thomas owls@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y5a Mr Payne woodpeckers@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y5b Mr Stanton kestrels@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y6a Miss Fellows redkites@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Y6b Mrs Lydiat kingfishers@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk


Your child may previously have had access to an online learning platform called Seesaw. 

Although Seesaw is not currently available, we are developing our plans around home learning systems and more information about accessing online learning in different ways will follow later in the term.

Learning at home without access to the internet

We are aware that there are families who do not have regular access to the internet or may have one device with internet access but more than one child requiring access to home learning. 

If you are unable to access online learning at home, please contact the school office on 01865 762575 or email office.2589@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk for further support.