Wood Farm Primary School

Art and Design

At Wood Farm Primary School art and design embodies all three of our values of Ambition, Beauty and Connection.

We are ambitious in the skills and techniques children will master, and we talk a lot about the process of art: experimenting, evaluating and improving. This is recorded in their sketch book which is used to collect and record ideas and practice the artistic skills they become increasingly proficient in: including drawing, painting and sculpture.

What you will see:

Children using their sketch books to experiment with ideas and to develop artistic techniques.

Children developing and refining artistic skills, and using different media as they move through the school.

Children working individually or in groups to produce and evaluate beautiful work.

Children learning about great artists and great works of art.

What you will hear:

Children describing what they think a piece of artwork might be communicating to them or to others 

Children giving sensitive, specific and constructive feedback to each other to support redrafting, using the technical language of art and design

Children will explore the beauty created by famous artists and designers, and use it as inspiration for their own creations. As they move through the school, they explore a diverse range of artists and artistic movements and the historical and cultural contexts within which they have developed. They will also learn the language of art to allow them to analyse and evaluate artistic creations with their peers and teachers, and making connections with their community.

Art and design teaching is integrated into many different elements of learning at Wood Farm, but for one half term each year, the whole school come together to focus their project learning on art in particular. This provides a great opportunity for staff across the school to collaborate together, develop their own subject knowledge and ensure that the curriculum is designed for children to progress in all these skills as they move through the school.

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