Wood Farm Primary School

Reception Class

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 Our Vision

Welcome to Reception! During our first year at school, we begin our journey of learning and discovery through exploration in play but also through structured sessions with an adult. It is the time when we start to think about how to become independent and resilient learners. We enjoy challenging ourselves by sharing ideas and working together to achieve our goals. Learning these essential skills will enable us to succeed in Year 1 and beyond.

Our team

Our Reception cohort is made up of two classes; Frogs and Bees. This year we have three teachers working in Reception; Miss Jenkins, Miss Kemp and Mrs Dhaliwal. We also have many other adults working with the children in Reception who support the children in their day to day activities.

Project work

In Reception we are always looking into the children’s interests to spark new learning. We observe the children regularly, monitoring their free-flow play and often adapt our planning, making learning child initiated and fun. Parents can support this by talking to their children at home about what they are learning, by playing with them or looking at books about their child’s interests. 


We also take pride in celebrating a wide variety of festivals and celebrations. We enjoy learning about different countries and regions and we love getting everyone involved. We welcome parents to come in to talk to all of the children about festivals and celebrations which their child may be celebrating at home.


At Wood Farm School we use storytelling as a way of helping us become great writers. Stories are magical and not only are they fun to learn, but they give us great vocabulary and ideas for our own writing. During the Reception year we focus on traditional tales which are familiar to the children. We work lots with the children building on the foundations of storytelling allowing the children to become confident at re telling familiar stories with the help of visual aids such as story maps. Each term we will send the story map home along with some ideas of how you can support your child at home.


Partnership with parents

We strongly believe in working very closely with parents to ensure the children at our School get the best start to their education. We would appreciate any information you can share about your child and what they have been doing at home or what you have noticed them doing which is new.  This can be shared verbally or written down on some paper and put into our envelope on our class parent’s board. 

To keep you informed on what the children will be learning each week we put up a poster on the door explaining all of the key things the children will be covering that week along with some ideas of what you can do to support them at home.  Once the children have settled into routines and when we feel they are ready we will begin to send games home for the children to play from our Maths and Phonics library. These games will focus on developing key skills for reading and writing and developing early mathematical knowledge.

Information about how we teach phonics; 

Phonics in Reception information leaflet

Useful websites

Our experience has shown us that the support children get from home has a positive impact on their learning.

Here are some websites which parents and carers may find useful:

http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk (Literacy)

www.letters-and-sounds.com (Literacy)

http://www.topmarks.co.uk (Maths)

http://www.crickweb.co.uk (Maths)

child on climbing frame f1 pupils child writing